The Meta Info

The Meta Info


So the basic structure of the page has been established now we need to start adding the elements which the search engines can see and read so the site can rank properly.


Below is the structure from page one as we should always do this before writing any HTML. When coding in any language you should follow a set procedure every time and that way your code will become SEO perfect automatically.


<!doctype html>



<meta charset="UTF-8">

<title>Untitled Document</title>

<meta name="description" content="">








The sections above have been added from the first page with additional bits which work as follows:


The <!doctype html> tag at the top of the page basically tells the browser that the page is a html page.


And the <meta charset="UTF-8"> tag tells the page what what charset to use. It is not massively important and just using UTF-8 has never caused me any issues. If you would like to learn more about charset, then visit for a comprehensive explanation


The <title>Writing goes here</title> is the area of the website which is seen and read by the search engines, then displayed as the highlighted larger section when you search something in the search engines. The title section should not contain more that 65 characters as they won’t all show


If you make a search in any search engine you will notice the keyword is nearly always in the highlighted larger section. As an example I searched “locksmiths in Manchester” and I got:


Locksmiths in Manchester - 24 hour emergency locksmith

Recommended by the Police - Locksmiths in Manchester - 24 Hour Service - 30 Minute Response - All Major Cards Accepted - Insurance Approved Locks.


As you can see the major keyword is inside the title section like this <title>Locksmiths in Manchester - 24 hour emergency locksmith</title> so this tells you that the title section is very important for SEO and you should always put the pages main keyword inside the title tags.


The <meta name="description" content=""> section is no longer used for ranking by the major search engines but it is displayed under the title tags section on the search engines and therefore your websites main message should be put here so the customer can see it there on the search engine when they search their keyword.


So to recap this section needs your companies message but not your keywords as it is an excellent conversion tool and it should be inserted as follows:


<meta name="description" content=“THIS IS WHERE THE COMPANY MESSAGE GOES”> it should not be longer that 160 characters.