The basic structure

The basic structure


When writing a website in HTML, the best way to start is by using the correct structure.


All HTML pages should first start with the following:
















The <html> tag opens the page and the </html> tag closes the page.


The <head> tag opens the head of your page. This section can’t be seen in the browser but it is where most of the clever stuff happens that makes your website rank by ensuring the search engines can read your site correctly. The </head> tag closes the head.


The <body> tag opens the body of your website. This is the section of your site that can be seen when you go to your URL (website address) and the </body> tag closes the visible section


There are a lot of things on page and off which affect rankings. I’m going to go through the most important in this book.


If you follow this book all the way through, then you will know the basics of how to build a web page so that it ready to rank as soon as the content goes in.