H1 to H6 tags

H1 to H6 tags


H one tags are one of the most important tags for helping on page SEO. There are 6 H tags which are displayed as follows









These tags go up in value from 1 being the strongest and 6 being the weakest. You should only ever have 1 h1 tag on your html page and that should have your strongest keyword inside it like this:


<h1>Locksmiths in Manchester</h1>


Going down in value from h1 to h6 you should have a keyword inside each of the tags spread throughout the HTML page.


When using H tags the browser will change the size of the text displayed in the browser. If you want this text the same size as the other text on the page then simply add:


h1 {

   font-size: 36px;     

    font-family:Gotham, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;



To your style.css file and change the size of the text to your standard size and the style to your standard style. You can do the exact same css styling for your h1 right up to h6 tags and it will also work if you put a p in front of it to change the style and size of your paragraph text.